CNC Machining Service

We are proudly to offer CNC machining services to our valued customers. We have inhouse CNC vertical milling machines, CNC lathe, Swiss-type Lathe, Wire EDM, CNC Laser router, etc. 


We can do 3-Axis Milling, 4 Axis Milling, 5 Axis Milling and turning.


We can cut Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastic and other procurable materials. 

Surface Finishing and Post-Processing Options:

We can do Glass Bead Blasting, Sand Blasting, Polishing, Anodizing, As machined, Black oxide, Nitrided and engraving.

Lead Time:

Quantity between 10 to 50 is about two weeks.

Quantity between 50+ is about one month or more depending on how busy we are.


Please send your drawings to our contact email:

Provide details about your parts including material, surface finishing, requirement and quality.

We will response your quote ASAP.