3/8" Shank, 90 Degree Angle Chamfer Tool/Cutter, Solid Carbide, 3 Flute AlTiN Coated

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(1X) 3/8" Shank, 90 Degree Angle Chamfer Tool


This chamfer tool is developed in house to produce mirror like, ultra smooth chamfer surface finish, utilizing the spiral flute design. 

The traditional straight flute chamfer mill while works but produces surface finishes with straight chip lines that require future treatments etc, polishing, blasting. 

Our spiral flute design eliminate the straight chip lines because the cutting is done done by the spiral flutes. The spiral flute's cutting edge has the same angular velocity related to the chamfer's top and bottom edge. 

This tool/cutter is great for making luxury watch frame, smart phone body frame, optical frame and any other applications that require high chamfer surface finish.


Shank Diameter: 3/8"

Overall Length: 2.25"

Length of Cut: 0.25"

Flute number: 3

Coating: AITiN

Cutter Material: Microgrian Carbide

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